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Born on Lesbos
December 25, 2010, 8:18 am
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So I’ve mentioned to more than one person that, on seeing the gratuitous internet promotions for the movie “Black Swan,” I get ooked out about how it’s billed as a “psycho-sexual thriller.” Although I was unable to articulate it at the time, the reason that it ooked me out was because, for trailers and advertising, the “HOLY SHIT, TWO GIRLS KISSING” scenes are featured prominently, with just a touch more subtlety than one of those sexploitative fratboy movies with the big red letters:

Upon reviewing the plot, I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt to the advertisers, because the featured HOT LADY MAKEOUTZ are apparently a very important plot point, not just a titillating crowd-pleaser. However, another level of ooked-ness was bubbling just under the surface of my consciousness, only now to be realized:

While it’s pretty much common knowledge that lesbianism is used heavy-handedly in popular culture for shock value and sexxx appeal, a side effect of that is that we, the consumers of this media, are repeatedly lambasted with both of the following false tenets:

a. All women are secretly lesbians, or
b. All women can be lesbians/bisexual, they just haven’t figured it out yet.

Of course, this is just the more “risque” and less dick-centric side of the “oh, you’re a lesbian? you just haven’t met a good man/had a good fucking with my MAGIAL PENIS” argument. And while I’m all for less dick-centricity, having this message sent repeatedly both discredits lesbianism and bisexualism as some kind of sexy-time-girly-makeout-for-the-male-gaze (I’m talking to you, Brittany and Santana from Glee) and insinuates, for the heterosexual among us (oh jeez how oppressed are the straight people, I know I know), that in the event of a dry spell, we can swap teams and start scissoring like bandits to make up for the hot dickings we truly crave (STILL TALKING TO YOU, GLEESTERS).

It sounds completely whiny and stupid to say (being that the very fact of my heterosexuality places me in a position of privilege), but as someone who has no lesbian inklings to speak of, the insistence that my sexuality is up for grabs is irritating. And if it’s irritating Little Miss Heteronormative over here, what the hell must non-heterosexual ladytypes feel like, who are already faced with an onslaught of harassment and marginalization?

Of late, there’s been a lot of praise of Glee in particular to include gay characters, but they fall very flat on their portrayal of the girls, who abandon their trysts in favor of the waiting cocks of their peers (which is also a stab at bisexuals, because everyone knows bisexuals are just confused sluts). The notion of queer characters being wayward straight people is not a new one – pick a show at random with a gay character and odds are they’ll have gotten down with another straight character – however, the problem is particularly rampant with the ladies, who are not simply “confused,” and get the dramatic arc with the sudden DUN DUN DUNNN – I’M GAY revelation. No, for the women, the more oft-used archetype is the dawdling girlfriend, who gleefully runs around with her girlfriends behind her boyfriend/husband’s back because obviously all women hate sex, except they don’t unless it’s with men because only the tender touch of a woman can tame them, but then they’re not really lesbians because they need the healing power of penis.

Yeah, our culture is weird.

What I’m getting at here, though, is that – shock! People’s sexualities and their choice in defining those sexualities should be respected. If I am not gay, Popular Culture, please do not insinuate that I must be secretly gay or that I am in denial about my gayness because of X, Y, and Z, especially if it’s just to pop a boner and make a buck.  Likewise, do not insinuate that I am “just confused” or any of the other hundred tiresome doubtful comments if I am gay.

And lo, I leave you with the following:


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Bisexuality! The secret weapon and plot device that can be abandoned without second thought, invalidating every emotion and action!
Geeze, I’d love it if the sexual fluidity heteronormative culture claims to embrace was actually, y’know, embraced. I hate the place-holder status given to ladies who like ladies, ESPECIALLY the oh-it’s-so-new-and-hot-and-exotic bent that reduces a girlfriend to a visit to Bermuda. I agree that lesibians/bisexual women are usually referred to in terms of masculine influence, i.e. you’re straight now because you have a guy but there is this hidden potential that is about as serious as a party trick!

Comment by L

Additionally, fuck Glee.

Comment by L

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